Combining Face Frame Inset with Bead cabinet and Georgia Door Style leaves an subtlety of an elegant era. Benjamin Moore’s White paint walks a balanced line between contemporary and traditional elements achieving a timeless manner. Arabella goes further to include fun and functional organizational pieces such as Rollout Drawer Systems, utensil organizers and a pullout metal basket organizer. An Arabella kitchen draws traditional and contemporary ideas into a custom transitional style made for those that desire a delicate balance.

Inset with Bead Frame

Running along the inside the Arabella cabinet frames is a custom bead inset adding a touch of elegance.

Rollout Drawer System

Access the deeper end of your cabinets with KBDG rollout drawers. Smooth rails makes pulling out a drawer effortless and satisfying.

Utensil Organized

A kitchen cabinet’s purpose is to store and hide your utensils, pots, tools and items. KBDG’s utensil organizer adds a level of customized organization solutions for maximum storage and access.

Metallic Basket Pullout Organizer

Tucked away neatly into Arabella cabinets are custom made pullout metallic baskets to keep your pots and pans organized and accessible. Using the same railing system as our Rollout Drawer System, accessing your pots and pans become effortless and seamless.

Every KBDG can be paired with a variety of colors to fit your home and style. We use colors from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Here are some recommended colors for this particular kitchen style.

Shoji White

SW 7042 | Sherwin-Williams

View Source

Distant Gray

2124-70 | Benjamin Moore

View Source

Mindful Gray

SW 7016 | Sherwin-Williams

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Color recommendation samples are pulled from manufacturer website catalogue. Color accuracy may vary due to screen resolution and color gamut.

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